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I’m a teacher-turned-designer with a penchant for pour-over coffee and a moderate obsession with fonts. I live to bring beautiful, strategic brands and websites to life for female business owners doing big things.

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Your website’s main job is to convince your website visitors that they should become your customers. There are a lot of ways to optimize a website, but making sure your menu is working for you is one of the easiest –and most overlooked — ways to increase your website conversion rate.

Check out your website’s navigation menu, and then work through this list of Five Ways to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate:

1. Be Strategic

What is your ultimate goal? Do you want someone to buy your product? Do you want someone to contact you? The two pages you put first and last in your menu are the most memorable, so pick those two spots strategically.

2. Keep it Simple

We don’t want to overwhelm your website visitors, so only link your core pages in your top menu, ideally 7 or less. People are more likely to click around and stay awhile when your menu isn’t overwhelming.

3. Keep it Familiar

Use simple to understand language (Shop, About, Contact, etc.) and a familiar-ish layout. Your menu isn’t really the place to get too fancy. If anything is confusing, your bounce rates will be really high. No one sticks around on a website that’s confusing, no matter how pretty it is.

4. Link Your Logo

Link your logo back to your homepage. This has become a standard practice for websites and is a great way to ensure that your website visitors can always get back to the homepage.

5. Utilize Your Footer

Your footer is *important* and shouldn’t be an afterthought that gets thrown on the end with a link to your terms and conditions. Your footer should include another navigation menu, a newsletter signup, links to your social media platforms, and yes, your website Terms and Privacy Policy.

Does your website pass the test? Take 10 minutes to work through this list and make any edits you need to, and watch your website start working a little bit better for you!

Ready to talk with a web designer about designing a website that’s built strategically for your brand? I’d love to hear from you! Reach out here.

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Kate Regan

"What Taylor created for me absolutely blew me away! Her talent, vision, and support are unmatched. Taylor is THE person to go to for all things branding and web design, especially for women-owned businesses."

Christine Sinak

"Taylor considered EVERYTHING. She has this beautiful capacity to attend to every small detail, and hold those details in relationship to the larger brand identity. Having a logo is not the same as having a brand strategy. I'm not sure everyone gets that. What she has given me is far more comprehensive. I'm so grateful!"

Lindsey Warren

"Taylor truly was the best to work with. Her kindness, patience, and attention to every lovely detail just made the whole website the website of my dreams!"

Nina Gibson

"I wasn't expecting how soulful this whole experience would be. Taylor is authentic, transparent, intuitive & insightful. Her ability to really listen & understand my thoughts about the vision for my new brand & bring those to life was such an exciting & awesome process."

Callan Wall

"I can’t recommend Taylor enough! My business has grown since working with her. Potential new clients have immediate trust in my professional services due to my branding and web design. Working with Taylor felt like a seamless collaboration. She has an incredible gift of taking her client's vision and creating something cohesive and beautiful.

Rebecca Zeltmann

"When I started working with Taylor, I knew who my niche was, but I didn't know how to put it into a business model. Taylor helped me bring everything together into a defined brand and beautiful, professional product that represented my vision."

Holly Haynes

"Taylor is super organized, very talented, & highly invested in her clients' success. She goes above & beyond to find the best solution for your brand."

Jennifer McGurk

"Working with Taylor has been the best business decision! Her design skills exceeded my expectations. She helped bring my vision to life far better than what I could have imagined in my head."

Taylor Wolfram

"Taylor designed a beautiful sales page for my online course. She was so patient with me & I felt like she really went above & beyond with communication and responding to my requests."

Brooke Cates

"Taylor overdelivers, and she is a joy to work with. The process felt easy and seamless every step of the way. There is zero stress, and her execution is on point!"

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