Peacemeal Nutrition Counseling

Peacemeal is a St. Louis based private practice founded by Christine Sinak. They offer nutrition counseling and group coaching to individuals who struggle with disordered eating. The name Peacemeal comes from the merging of two ideas: “Piecemeal" describes something being done in stages, a little at a time. The journey is often nonlinear. Peacemeal is also a nod to the ultimate goal of the recovery process: feeling at ease with food and at home in our bodies so we can reach for what we really want in life. Even when we inevitably fall from time to time, we stay rooted in this peace. The goal is peace, not perfection.

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"Taylor considered EVERYTHING. She has this beautiful capacity to attend to every small detail, and hold those details in relationship to the larger brand identity. Having a logo is not the same as having a brand strategy, and I'm not sure everyone gets that. What you've given me is far more comprehensive. I'm so grateful!"


After developing Peacemeal's brand strategy, we knew the brand shouldn't feel "corporate." They have such a great opportunity to stand out and really present why Peacemeal is different by leaning into their values of integrity, connection, and rest. We chose images that both portray Peacemeal's values in their overall tone, but also work together to create a color palette that is rooted in color psychology to reflect these values. We chose a delicate serif font paired with a clean sans serif for the main typography, along with more minimal and classic layouts for their logos. The overall brand identity is soft, calm, personal & approachable.

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