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I’m a teacher-turned-designer with a penchant for pour-over coffee and a moderate obsession with fonts. I live to bring beautiful, strategic brands and websites to life for female business owners doing big things.

Hi, I'm Taylor

Showit is the best website platform for service-based businesses (and I’m not a sponsored influencer, although I wouldn’t say “No” 😉).

Here the top five reasons I recommend Showit to so many small businesses:

1. Sweet, sweet (design) freedom, baby 🙌 Think: layers, overlapping elements and sections, personalized graphics, animations and effects for engaging movement… The possibilities are endless and your Showit website can easily be 100% custom to your brand. If you’re already familiar with the Adobe Creative Cloud products, the design function in Showit is super similar. There are so many online businesses in today’s world. Having a custom website with fun animations and design elements is such an easy way to stand out from your competitors.

2. Coding isn’t a requirement. It’s easy to jump in and make edits to your Showit website without any headache, whether or not you’re a web developer. I always send my web design clients a personalized How To video when I finish designing their websites so that they feel comfortable making small changes to their website themselves.

3. There’s no “upkeep” for users. Showit hosts all of their websites, so you don’t have to worry about integrating another hosting provider with your website. You don’t need to regularly update themes or plugins. Your site won’t crash or get stuck in maintenance mode when you make updates.

4. SEO Gold. Showit websites are truly so simple to optimize for search engines. If you choose the blog plan, your blog will be on the WordPress platform. You get the beautiful design of a Showit website AND the classic WordPress blogging experience all wrapped into one! I always recommend downloading the free Yoast plugin to make sure your blog posts are optimized. Showit also has another amazing feature that drastically improves your SEO: they will compress all of your photos automatically when you upload them to your website. This keeps your website’s loading time very low, which is a big factor in determining your ranking in search engines.

5. Great customer support. This is so important. The Showit chat team is responsive and so helpful 🙌 No need to spend hours down a Google rabbit hole trying to figure everything out on your own. They will either tell you exactly what to do or just do it all for you on the backend. They have saved me so much time and headache.

Showit truly is the best website platform for service providers, IMO! Are you happy with your current website? Curious about making the switch to Showit? Fill out my inquiry form here if you want to talk through it with me! I’d love to hear from you!

Client Praise

Kate Regan

"What Taylor created for me absolutely blew me away! Her talent, vision, and support are unmatched. Taylor is THE person to go to for all things branding and web design, especially for women-owned businesses."

Christine Sinak

"Taylor considered EVERYTHING. She has this beautiful capacity to attend to every small detail, and hold those details in relationship to the larger brand identity. Having a logo is not the same as having a brand strategy. I'm not sure everyone gets that. What she has given me is far more comprehensive. I'm so grateful!"

Lindsey Warren

"Taylor truly was the best to work with. Her kindness, patience, and attention to every lovely detail just made the whole website the website of my dreams!"

Nina Gibson

"I wasn't expecting how soulful this whole experience would be. Taylor is authentic, transparent, intuitive & insightful. Her ability to really listen & understand my thoughts about the vision for my new brand & bring those to life was such an exciting & awesome process."

Callan Wall

"I can’t recommend Taylor enough! My business has grown since working with her. Potential new clients have immediate trust in my professional services due to my branding and web design. Working with Taylor felt like a seamless collaboration. She has an incredible gift of taking her client's vision and creating something cohesive and beautiful.

Rebecca Zeltmann

"When I started working with Taylor, I knew who my niche was, but I didn't know how to put it into a business model. Taylor helped me bring everything together into a defined brand and beautiful, professional product that represented my vision."

Holly Haynes

"Taylor is super organized, very talented, & highly invested in her clients' success. She goes above & beyond to find the best solution for your brand."

Jennifer McGurk

"Working with Taylor has been the best business decision! Her design skills exceeded my expectations. She helped bring my vision to life far better than what I could have imagined in my head."

Taylor Wolfram

"Taylor designed a beautiful sales page for my online course. She was so patient with me & I felt like she really went above & beyond with communication and responding to my requests."

Brooke Cates

"Taylor overdelivers, and she is a joy to work with. The process felt easy and seamless every step of the way. There is zero stress, and her execution is on point!"

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