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The Actual Key to Growing a Successful Business

Don’t let social media fool you: growing a successful business doesn’t depend on the number of courses you buy or business coaches you work with. The key to growing a successful business is honestly pretty dang simple (and a lot cheaper than that). Let me tell you a story (if you stick with me, I […]

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I’m a teacher-turned-designer with a penchant for pour-over coffee and a moderate obsession with fonts. I live to bring beautiful, strategic brands and websites to life for female business owners doing big things. Basically, you can think of me as your brand bestie and website wingwoman who’ll never stop rooting for you on this crazy biz rollercoaster journey. You ready?

Designer | Proud Mama | Expert Banana Pancake Maker

Hey there, I’m Taylor (but please, call me Tay)!

Building Irresistible Brands for Passionate Women

Let’s craft a magnetic brand and a website that sells for you. Done and done! 

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