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Wholesome Chick Nutrition is a non-diet virtual private practice founded by Kate Regan, an intuitive eating and & body image Registered Dietitian. They offer weight-neutral nutrition therapy in the form of both 1:1 and group coaching services. Wholesome Chick Nutrition is centered around an intuitive eating, Health at Every Size® framework.

When Kate reached out, her business was growing. She was working primarily with clients 1:1 and was struggling with knowing the next "right step" to take to continue to grow and expand the practice. She was envisioning hiring more dietitians, creating a group program, and doing more group presentations in corporate and school settings. She knew it was time for a complete rebrand and website redesign to speak to her ideal clients in a way that stands out and better reflects their values and mission.

Brand Identity
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We knew right off the bat that this brand was going to be unique. Kate has such a warm and infectious personality, and Wholesome Chick Nutrition has a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd by leaning into their strengths: confidence, communication, compassion, and the ability to connect with others on a deep level.

We chose a strong and clean sans serif font in minimal and classic layouts for their logos. We paired this with fun and unique custom icons to infuse personality into the brand. The website design is bright and airy while still being incredibly user friendly with clear paths to follow, depending on the user's needs.

The thought behind the design...

The Results

The overall brand identity is fun, yet professional. It’s glamorous, but in a laidback way. It’s clean, but still quirky in the best way. We captured Wholesome Chick Nutritions personality and we’re speaking to their ideal clients. This has translated into more conversions with people booking discovery calls and people are staying on their website for longer amounts of time.

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