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Wholesome Chick Nutrition

Wholesome Chick Nutrition is a non-diet virtual private practice founded by Kate Regan, an intuitive eating and & body image Registered Dietitian. They offer weight-neutral nutrition therapy in the form of both 1:1 and group coaching services. Wholesome Chick Nutrition is centered around an intuitive eating, Health at Every Size® framework.

When Kate reached out, her business was growing. She was working primarily with clients 1:1 and was struggling with knowing the next "right step" to take to continue to grow and expand the practice. She was envisioning hiring more dietitians, creating a group program, and doing more group presentations in corporate and school settings. She knew it was time for a complete rebrand and website redesign to speak to her ideal clients in a way that stands out and better reflects their values and mission.

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"What Taylor created for me absolutely blew me away! Her talent, vision, and support are unmatched. Taylor is THE person to go to for all things branding and web design, especially for women-owned businesses. She is an expert in this field and it shows in both what she creates and how she takes care of her clients. It was the best experience working with Taylor not only because I am over-the-moon about how my brand stands out now, but also because it was such an enjoyable and fun process!"

Kate Regan

Building Irresistible Brands for Passionate Women

Let’s craft a magnetic brand and a website that sells for you. Done and done! 

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