When you’re trying to figure out the best place to host your online retail shop, I know it can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve been weighing your options between Etsy vs. Shopify and considering a move, this honest post is for you!

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A Shopify store page displays on a screen. Taylor Anne Creative shares how to increase e-commerce store conversions with Shopify.

How to Increase Your E-Commerce Store’s Conversion Rate with Shopify

Your e-commerce store’s sole purpose is to promote and sell your business’ products. So, why wouldn’t you take every step to make sure it’s built for success? Bringing your eager-to-buy audience to your website is step one, but once they’re there, your site has to have what it takes to convert them into customers. Luckily, […]

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Website Design

Learn SEO best practices for Shopify from Taylor Anne Creative, Shopify designer and Shopify expert.

SEO Best Practices for Shopify

You’re beyond excited! Your brand new, beautifully designed Shopify site is in the works. It’s almost time to launch it, share your products with the world, and start watching sales pour in. Wait a second, though! If you don’t have SEO best practices for Shopify in place on your site, your business won’t reach half […]

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Learn the top 5 best Shopify themes for e-commerce entrepreneurs from experienced Shopify website designer, Taylor Anne Creative.

The Best Shopify Themes for E-Commerce Entrepreneurs

The look and feel of your website are more important than you might think. Of course, you want your site to look great! But it also plays a big part in how people behave on your site and if they become customers. If you’re building your online store with Shopify, you have access to 81 […]

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I’m a teacher-turned-designer with a penchant for pour-over coffee and a moderate obsession with fonts. I live to bring beautiful, strategic brands and websites to life for female business owners doing big things. Basically, you can think of me as your brand bestie and website wingwoman who’ll never stop rooting for you on this crazy biz rollercoaster journey. You ready?

Designer | Proud Mama | Expert Banana Pancake Maker

Hey there, I’m Taylor (but please, call me Tay)!

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